PAWS of Hawaii



Where are you located?

PAWS of Hawaii does not have a physical location available for the public.

Where are your animals?

All of our animals are in PAWS of Hawaii foster homes across O’ahu being cared for by families until adopted.


How do I meet an animal I am interested in and what is the adoption process?

To meet any animal, please fill out our adoption form. Once it is completed please send us a message via facebook, instagram  or email us at to let us know you completed the form and which animal(s) you are looking to visit with.

Adoption forms can take anywhere from 1-5 days to be fully processed. We can then schedule a meet and greet for your Ohana with our wonderful rescues.

If the meet and greet goes well the animal can be adopted and taken home at that time or within a couple days.

What are your adoption requirements?

Every dog has different requirements for their own needs and personality. Our main adoption guideline is our age requirement. We only have quick approvals for applicants over 23 years of age. Those 18-22 may still adopt but they would need to first complete a successful fostering period.

PAWS of Hawaii for dogs
paws of hawaii puppies in need
What is the adoption fee?

Adult dogs have a $150 adoption fee.
Puppies have a $300 adoption fee.

What care is provided for the animals prior to adoption?

Our team provides extensive care for each animal that comes into PAWS of Hawaii. The dogs are given flea baths, cleaned, nails trimmed and ears cleaned when they first come in. They are provided with good food and a loving foster home.

All dogs are:

  • checked by a veterinarian
  • dewormed
  • vaccinated
  • Spay/Neutered
  • microchipped
  • treated for fleas and ticks
  • on heartworm prevention
  • on intestinal worm prevention
  • checked for heartworm or Ehrlichia if necessary.

Care may vary from animal to animal dependent on their needs.

Can I have an animal for trail period before committing to adoption?

This is dependent on the animal and situation. If you are interested in a dog but would first like to have a trial, please fill out the  adoption form. Let us know via  facebook, instagram  or email us at that you would like to have a foster to adopt trial. If the animal has other adoption applicants ready and willing to take him/her in a trial may not be approved.

We do not allow trials with our puppies. If you would like to have a trial with a puppy first to see if you are ready, please sign up to foster!

Can I adopt a dog from within Hawai’i on another island?

Absolutely! We do adoptions all throughout the State of Hawai’i. Additional costs will include the flight costs and a carrier (if needed). There will also be an agreement that you will pay to return the dog to O’ahu in the event the adoption does not work out.

Can I adopt a dog from Hawai’i to be shipped to the continental U.S.?

We do not allow out of state adoptions at this time. But please contact your local rescue to find a great match!

PAWS of Hawaii dog rescue


All animals adopted from PAWS of Hawaii are required to be returned to PAWS of Hawaii if you are unable to care for them.  Although it is our goal to place our rescues in homes where they will be loved and cared for all their lives if you are unable to care for them please follow these steps. Send a message to facebook, instagram  or email us at with

  • your name
  • number
  • animals name
  • photo
  • microchip (if possible).

Although we may be able to take the animal back the next day we do ask that you provide us with approximately 10 working days to find the animal a new family. This is to help ensure the animal is not moved around too much. If after the 10 working days a family to adopt can not be found, we will take the animal back in and place them in a loving foster home until they are adopted.

If I cannot keep the animal, but a close friend or family would like to take them in, how do we transfer the dog?
Simply contact us, we will take down the info of the new owners and transfer the animal’s info into their name.


How can I donate?

Every donation for the animals is truly appreciated. Donations can be sent online or mailed via check to:
P.O. Box 6177 • Kaneohe, HI • 96744

How will my donation be used?

Donations are put towards medical care for our incoming rescue dogs. If you would like your donation  to be used specifically for a certain purpose, please let us know and we are happy to follow up with you.

$50 • sponsors 10 animals to be microchipped
$100 • sponsors 10 animals heartworm testing and prevention
$150 • sponsors the complete medical care of an animal in need
$300 • sponsors the complete medical care of of two animals in need
$750 • sponsors the complete medical care of of five animals in need
$1500 • sponsors the complete medical care of of ten animals in need
$3000 • sponsors the complete medical care of of twenty animals in need