Provide a forever home to an animal in need.

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Through Covid-19 we will only open our application temporary.

to improve the life of our island dogs in need .

Open your home temporarily to foster an animal.

Help with adoption events and transportation.


We are happy to answer all your questions.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many families have been working from home and have a bit more free time. We are pleased that many have chosen to spend this time training and integrating a rescue animal into their home!

Many families have filled out adoption applications and being preapproved for adoption. We are matching approved families with animals that are “not yet ready” for official adoption. This means that the animals have not completed their medical care and will be able to meet potential adopter but can not go home just yet. As the animals finish their care, they will be going directly to the homes they have been matched with. As a result you may see a decrease in the number of animals posted to our website.

If you are searching for a dog but do not see one you are interested in available on our site, you may still fill out a general application for preapproval and message us.


PAWS of Hawaii extends its warmest aloha and gratitude for your generous giving. Because of you, we have been able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome over 1300 animals in need. Mahalo for your continual support.

I am alive!

My name is Waikomo.
I am alive because
I had a foster home.
I am alive because
they made a small
sacrifice, a small
adjustment to their
routine and welcomed
me into their home.

I am alive because
they loved me!


PAWS of Hawaii is a local, 501(c)3 non-profit, animal rescue on the island of O’ahu. We are a foster based organization. We work primarily in the homeless areas/camps of O’ahu, helping to care for, take in and adopt out the animals in need.

PAWS of Hawaii is committed to promoting awareness and support to animal guardians to ensure the proper treatment, well-being, love, and quality of life of our animal friends.

PAWS of Hawaii Ohanas


“Merry Christmas from the Alvina Family. It’s been a year since we’ve had the blessing of adding Po’okela to our family. He’s growing to be an amazing dog. He’s quite protective of the kids and a very good guard dog. He’s funny and we often say weird, *Lol* because he’s just too smart for his own good. We could not picture our lives without him.”


“I wanted to thank you guys for giving us two beautiful doggies, after experiencing the loss of our two dogs last year. The bond Sora and Yuna have are remarkable, and they love us just as much as we love them. I wanted to let you know they made it safely with us for our move off island. They are happy and healthy! This is from our last shoot on the island!

Thank you again for all you do, and for finding all these dogs amazing and loving homes ❤ You made our family whole again!”


“Aloha & Merry Christmas! Just wanted to share some picture of Koko… we celebrated her 1st birthday today and her first Christmas!”

Our friends and animal lovers!

Just as a community we are strong.


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