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Adopting a dog is a grand adventure. Please check if you are ready for the commitment

As new dogs become available, we will post them below. 

Each dog’s profile includes detailed information and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page.   

If you find a dog you would like to meet, please fill out an adoption application. If you’ve previously applied to adopt, click the application link and list that you’ve previously filed  to bypass the full application, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or instagram.  

For adoption fees and other information please visit the FAQ page

Pending Meet & Greet
I can't wait to meet my new human.


Terrier Mix | 11 Years old | 18 lbs

Temperament: Sweet, Social & Playful

Behavior: I am a very happy senior. You would not know that I am already  11 years old. I still enjoy life to the fullest and want to celebrate each day. I love people, especially kids. I want to say hi to anybody I meet it doesn’t matter if dog or human.

House Trained: Yes. And I will also let you know if I need or simply want to go outside.

Leash Trained: Yes, I love walking. I do need some verbal guidance, because I am blind. 

Kennel trained: Yes, but there is no need for it. Maybe at the beginning until I know my new environment to avoid injuries. 

Good with kids: Yes, I love kids. 

Good with dogs: Yes, I love other dogs.

Good with cats: Yes.

Medical Note: I am completely blind, but that does not bother me at all. 

I was heart worm positive but almost done with  my treatment. 

I have some broken/chipped teeth, but that is not an immediate concern according to the vet.

I am looking for a sweet retirement life. I would love to have a furry friend to spend some time with and not to be alone in my older days. 

I am looking for a calm easy going lifestyle. Because of my age I am not looking for lots of action anymore, but mainly accompany. 

I may need some time to adjust and to get  use to your communication style and the new environment. You know older guys move a little slower. 

Pending Adoption Trial
Please send me Aloha ... I just wanna go home and stay 4ever.


Hound Mix | 5 Years old | 55 lbs

Temperament: Very sweet & faithful, timid a first.

Behavior: I love being outside and have some quality time with my humans. I am sporty and energetic and feel most comfortable having a mission on mind. 3 walks a day is a must. 
If I know you, I am the most loyal friends you can have and I will stick by your side. I wan to do everything with you, first get things done, then let’s snuggle on the couch. 
I do need time to warm up. Do you trust anybody immediately? No, that’s right, first I have to do a calculation, that may need a little bit. 
Busy areas overwhelm me a little. People say I am timid or shy, I just need a person who help me through this. 

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes, I love walking with my humans. 

Kennel trained: No,  why would I go in a little box?

Good with kids: Yes, kids are great.

Good with dogs: Yes, I love other dogs. 

Good with cats: I never met a cat 

I recently lost my owner and are still grieving and devastated about it. I need a home that is very patient and understanding. I am very shy and timid first, if I know you I am the most loyal friend you can have and you can give me as many chin scratches as you want. If I feel stressed I will bark. I would love a family who commits time and effort to overcome my insecurity. 

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Australian Heeler | 4 Years old | 46 lbs

Temperament: Confident, loyal & observant

Behavior: Hero is an intelligent “people dog”. High energy, typical of his breed, he loves a job to do. Alert and takes guarding his home seriously. He loves cuddling, being pet, playing, and napping with his humans.

House Trained: Yes, potties on walks or in the yard. He does well being left out in the home alone.

Leash Trained: Yes, enjoys walks. Walks nicely and is attentive to his human.

Kennel trained: Hero is an odd ball about kennels. If you place him in a kennel and leave, he will relax and rest. But if anyone comes up to his kennel, he will bark loudly. We have opted to not use a kennel as it just is not needed for him.

Good with kids: 15 years and older recommended. this is because Hero gets very attached to his owner and doesn’t really care much for other people outside of his person. He has lived in a home with young children and older kids as well.

Good with dogs: Hero is recommended as an only dog. He needs to become acquainted with new animals slowly,. He doesn’t care much for other dogs and prefers to play with his humans.

Good with cats: He doesn’t seem to bother with the cat in his foster. just doesn’t like the cat in his kennel or on his bed.

Hero would do best with a single owner or couple as a solo dog in the home. He will be your absolute best buddy, snuggler, and pal. Hero would do best in a home that can include him as an active member of the
family and provide him with a job or regular mental “work”. He shows all the typical traits of an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler): he is people selective and will most likely pick out one person in a family as his favorite and follow them everywhere, he can be a bit mouthy with people and other dogs and will try to nip or “heel” ankles or hands (this is not done aggressively it is usually playful), he takes guarding his pack and environment very seriously, he can also be stubborn and independent so very consistent directions and training are a must with 100% follow through.

Hero is very smart and will need an owner who can take on the role of leader, provide proper behavior training, and find outlets for his active personality. He needs a farm with lots of room to roam or house that has a large yard for regular play sessions and the ability to take plenty of walks (1-3 miles a day) as he will display negative/destructive behaviors if bored.

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Terrier Mix | 3 Years old | 15 lbs

Temperament: Affectionate, funny & very intelligent

Behavior:  I love accompany and will wag my tail so hard, that my whole body shakes. I always stay close to my humans – either way I take a nap or I play with one of my toys. My favorite trick is to throw my toy high in the air. I love mental stimulation and I am eager to learn new things. Making new friends is very important to me. There are so many awesome dogs out there. I want to meet them all.

I do not like sudden noises, loud music, crowds, dark alleyways, and older men. I am working hard on myself, and are getting better each day.

At night I am allowed to sleep in my humans bed – that is always a highlight for me. 

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: In progress. She pulls seeing other dogs out of excitement. 

Kennel trained: No

Good with kids: They look cute, but I am not experienced with them. 

Good with dogs: Yes, I love other dogs. 

Good with cats: I find them very interested, but have not met them closely. 

I am looking for a ‘ohana that is patient and loving. 

I do need some guidance with sudden loud noises, loud music and business in general.  It scares me and I want to become more confident. Can  you help me with that? 
I would love to have a furry sibling. I love playing and having a buddy. It’s so much fun.  

Snuggling and going on adventures should be a daily routine of us.  

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Hound Mix | 2 Years old | 40 lbs

Temperament: First timid, then sweet, then loyal

Behavior: Chupa is learning how to trust herself and anybody else. Her strategy is to be invisible. She is very quiet and does not bark unnecessarily. If she trusts you, she will let you pet her, in best case forever.  She will sit quietly beside you and sweetly lick your hand out of gratitude. 

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Chupa is still learning to walk on a leash. She will either be so close to you that she may trip you or she’ll get spooked and clothesline herself.

Kennel trained: No

Good with kids: Only older kids, because of her insecurity. 

Good with dogs: Yes, she loves other dogs.

Good with cats: Tolerates them, but not affectionate with them yet. 

For Chupa we are looking for a family with experiences, that has the understanding, time and patience to help her overcome her insecurity and become a balanced and happy dog. 

Chupa would love a furry sibling, but it is not mandatory. 

Pending Meet and Greet


Terrier Mix | 11 Months old | 30 lbs

Temperament: Sensitive, sweet & playful

Behavior: I love being outside. My foster family lives in an apartment, but they take me to the park and out on walks 3 times daily. I love that so much, because we have quality time together. When we play catch, my foster mom is always so proud of me how nicely I leap. I love my tennis ball, Mr. Cookie and are always up for play. My furry sis gives me confidents and calms me down in difficult situations. I can get stressed in busy areas with lots of strangers. But that only needs some practice. 

Another of my favorite is snuggling on the couch with the fam. I feel so loved and save. Btw. I also love peanut butter, pumpkin and yogurt. 

House Trained: Yes, I know to pee on my puppy pad and pee outside if my humans is home. 

Leash Trained: I walk on my leash everyday right next to my foster sister! I love being outside and having quality time with my humans. 

Kennel trained: Yes. 

Good with kids: Yes, I met some kids. I loved that they played with me. 

Good with dogs: Yes, I have a dog-sister. We play everyday and then we snuggle on the couch. 

Good with cats: Yes, I have two cat-sister. We love to sunbath together. 

I would love that my humans are active like me and enjoys going hiking or on adventures. I was in a shelter for a long time and there is nothing more satisfying for me to be in nature enjoying all the smells and the freedom. 

I am still adjusting from that time. Busy areas can intimidate me and also if I am left alone at home. I would love to have a sibling who can give me comfort and of course, I need humans who understand my needs and approach me with patience and love. 

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 Terrier Mix | 5 Months old | 18 lbs

Temperament: Smart, playful & cuddly

Behavior: I literally can not get enough of being pet and cuddled. My humans call me the queen of snuggles, because my favorite location is the couch, in best case next to my humans. That is paradise for me. 

Sometimes I get surprised of loud noises. I wonder what that is and if I have to hide. Same with sudden movements. Do they want to attack me? But I am a little proud of myself because I am braver and more relaxed already. I am only 5 months old and want to overcome my insecurity. 

House Trained: I think I am pretty good, to 95% I manage it will. 

Leash Trained: I do find some dogs or people spooky. I can’t help myself and have to bark right now. 

Kennel trained: Yes.

Good with kids: Older kids are fine, younger kids do scare me.

Good with dogs: Yes.

Good with cats: What is a cat? I would love to meet one. 

I love attention. I have so much fun in my foster family, I learned so much and hope to find someone who supports me in the same way. I would prefer a single person or a couple. Bigger families might be overwhelming for me. I  might be able to become friends with older kids. 

I am looking for someone patient, who is able to commit time & love into my education. I really want to become more confident. 

I would love to have some furry siblings. I think I could learn a lot of them. 

Holo Holo

Terrier Mix | 2 Months old | 6 lbs

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Pit-Shar Pei Mix | 2 Months old | 10 lbs


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Terrier Mix | 3 Months old | 20 lbs

Temperament: Loving, Sweet & Smart

Behavior: I am a human lover. I want to be around you all the time and in best case I will find a spot on  your lab. I love to cuddle and snuggle and giving kisses. My foster mom is always astonished how mellow I am for my age. 

I also love to run and play. Squeaky toys are my favorite. I do kill them quickly, it’s just too much fun to get the stuffing out. 

House Trained: I think I am pretty good, to 95% I manage it will. 

Leash Trained: Not yet, I don’t have all shots yet. 

Kennel trained: Yes, I sleep in  my kennel. 

Good with kids: Never met kids yet. 

Good with dogs: Yes, but my focus in on humans. 

Good with cats: I  never met a cat so far, but if the cat is friendly, I will be too.

I am looking for an active person or family. I can’t wait to go for regular walks, hikes and to learn swimming in the ocean. 

My education is of course high priority. I want to be able to go anywhere and be welcomed. I also might be a good candidate to become a service dog. 

I do not necessarily need a furry sibling. I love humans and I love to get their attention. That’s all I need. 

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Terrier Mix | 2 Months old 

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Terrier Mix | 2 Months old 

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