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As new dogs become available, we will post them below. 

Each dog’s profile includes detailed information and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page.   

If you find a dog you would like to meet, please fill out an adoption application. If you’ve previously applied to adopt, click the application link and list that you’ve previously filed  to bypass the full application, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or instagram.  

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As we receive adoption applications we do our best to update the listings. 

Accepting Applications  | Animal is ready for adoption and applications are open.

‘Back Up’ Applications | Animal has a meet, but we will still accept applications. Animal may not be available following first meet.

Pending Application Review | Not accepting new applications. Our team is reviewing the applications received.

Pending Meet & Greet | Not accepting new applications. A meet and greet has been set up and there are back up on file.

Pending Adoption Trial | Not accepting new applications. Animal is in a home doing a foster to adopt trial. This requires special approval.

Adoption Profile Removed | Profiles are removed when an animal is adopted, or has care needed before being made “ready” for adoption once more.

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Australian | 4 Years old | 46 lbs

Temperament: Confident, Loyal & Observant

Behavior: Hero is an intelligent “people dog”. High energy, typical of his breed, he loves a job to do. Alert and takes guarding his home seriously. He loves cuddling, being pet, playing, and napping with his humans.

House Trained: Yes, potties on walks or in the yard. He does well being left out in the home alone.

Leash Trained: Yes, enjoys walks. Walks nicely and is attentive to his human.

Kennel trained: Hero is an odd ball about kennels. If you place him in a kennel and leave, he will relax and rest. But if anyone comes up to his kennel, he will bark loudly. We have opted to not use a kennel as it just is not needed for him.

Good with kids: 15 years and older recommended. this is because Hero gets very attached to his owner and doesn’t really care much for other people outside of his person. He has lived in a home with young children and older kids as well.

Good with dogs: Hero is recommended as an only dog. He needs to become acquainted with new animals slowly,. He doesn’t care much for other dogs and prefers to play with his humans.

Good with cats: He doesn’t seem to bother with the cat in his foster. just doesn’t like the cat in his kennel or on his bed.

Hero would do best with a single owner or couple as a solo dog in the home. He will be your absolute best buddy, snuggler, and pal. Hero would do best in a home that can include him as an active member of the
family and provide him with a job or regular mental “work”. He shows all the typical traits of an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler): he is people selective and will most likely pick out one person in a family as his favorite and follow them everywhere, he can be a bit mouthy with people and other dogs and will try to nip or “heel” ankles or hands (this is not done aggressively it is usually playful), he takes guarding his pack and environment very seriously, he can also be stubborn and independent so very consistent directions and training are a must with 100% follow through.

Hero is very smart and will need an owner who can take on the role of leader, provide proper behavior training, and find outlets for his active personality. He needs a farm with lots of room to roam or house that has a large yard for regular play sessions and the ability to take plenty of walks (1-3 miles a day) as he will display negative/destructive behaviors if bored.

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Mastiff-Pit Bull Mix | 4 Years old | 70 lbs

Temperament: Loving, Protective & Free Spirited

Behavior: Tita loves to be outside & feels most comfortable there. She is learning that it’s okay/safe to be indoors. She thinks the table & counter are hers for the taking! She is very smart & is a work in progress but she learns so quickly & has came amazingly far in her house manners.

House Trained: Yes. She goes outside & has no indoor accidents.

Leash Trained: Very gentle on leash & always checking in with you.

Kennel trained: Yes. She prefers her outdoor kennel at night, her favorite place when inside the house is the open doored kennel. She is slowly adjusting to being indoors. With time & patience we are sure she will love the couch but it has to be a slow progress with sweet mama.

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Will need a slow introduction to new dogs but when done correctly, she is very playful.

Good with cats: None in foster home.

Tita would love a home that has a secure yard! She loves to sunbathe & sleep with the stars. This is her free spirited soul & makes her very happy. She is slow to warm up to new humans but once she trusts you, she loves you completely. Gives you kisses, wants to be in your lap, will roll onto her back for belly rubs, lovessssss her treats & is the best watch dog.

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Pit Bull Mix | 3.5 Years old | 65 lbs

Temperament: Calm, affectionate & curious

Behavior: Meli is an eager to please dog that will attach closely to her human.

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Maybe get excited and pull occasionally, mostly when other dogs are around.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: She is friendly, no kids in foster home though.

Good with dogs: Likely to do well, but none in foster.

Good with cats: None in foster home.

Meli would thrive in a loving home with people to give her lots of love and attention, preferably with a yard for her to run and play in.

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Sir George

Bulldog Mix | 3 Years old | 60 lbs

Temperament: Happy, Confident, & Loving

Behavior: He loves people and is eager to meet new ones or if you have food. He is sensitive with face cleaning (ears, eyes). It will get easier with growing trust. 

House Trained: Yes, but not if he is left alone 3+ hours

Leash Trained: Yes, great walker. But does put the breaks on, if he has different plans.

Kennel trained: On his terms yes. 

Good with kids: No kids or only older kids

Good with dogs: Yes, only selective with larger, pushy dogs. 

Good with cats: Unkown.

Sir George needs a relaxed home with older kids or no kids. Preferable a couple or someone who can be home with him all day. He would love a smaller, balanced furry sibling. 

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Pit Bull Mix| 3 Years old | 70 lbs

Temperament: Happy, Loving & Silly

Behavior: Good with other dogs, playful, easygoing, can be super mellow. Loves music preferably hip hop 

House Trained: Yes. He let’s you know if he needs to go outside.

Leash Trained: In progress. Was likely previously tethered so will sometimes buck and thrash but has progressed wonderfully with a harness. Loves to sniff

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: None in foster family, but most likely will be fine 

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: A mild reaction to cats, but that will be manageable. 

Most likely Nugget were mainly leashed in a yard. He would love to have a family with lots of people to fulfill his social life. He would love to go to the beach and on long walks, because he has not explored the island for so many years. 

He loves to sunbath in the back yard and the company of humans and other dogs. 

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Bullmastiff | 2 Years old | 140 lbs

Temperament: Affectionate, playful & mindstrong


GREAT! Perfect dog, except he can bark at new people sometimes, and has small leash insecurity with other dogs .

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained:

For the most part, but can pull if walked by other dogs

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes! But other dogs can be shy due to his size

Good with cats: None in foster.

Sampson (Sammy) is one of the best dogs I’ve ever met! He is so affectionate and loving. Just wants to snuggle and be loved on. Can be very playful and loves sticks.

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Henry & Rowan

Chihuahua-Terrier mix | 2 years old | Size: 6 lbs

Temperament: They’re typical twin brothers. One is shy and cautious and the other is social and warms up quickly. Both are sweet boys, not an aggressive bone on their body and because they’re so tiny they are particularly about being approached and want to trust they are in good hands before they reciprocate affection with you.

Behavior: Rowan (brown/white) just learned to play fetch and he is insatiable. He does it so well too and will bring you the toy complete w demanding high pitched eagerness for you to please throw it again. Some pulling and tugging of your shorts if you do not pay him any mind. Henry (black/white) also loves toys but he is a solidary chewer, we recently learned he loves to dig and he loves the hose! He will stomp under streaming water and bite the air – he will likely love the beach!

House Trained: Yes and pad trained. 

Leash Trained: In progress, likes to grab leash and try to walk himself.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: older kids.

Good with dogs: small dogs

Good with cats: None in foster.

Their ideal home would be a family who might have one parent home more often. They are inseparable boys and will need beds big enough to share as they are always sleeping together. They are better with older kids because of their size and need to be handled gently and carefully. Gated well enclosed yard/home. They love to run around but can easily get curious and wiggle out of just about anywhere.

These boys are easy to love. They’re sweet, playful and so grateful for your presence.

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Terrier Mix | 2 Years old | 18 lbs

Temperament: insecure and alert but also loving

Behavior: Perry is very cautious and alert, because of his insecurity. He needs a bit of time to warm up to new people. Generally he is an active and happy dog.

House Trained: 90%, he has accidents occasionally, if the routine is inconsistent. 

Leash Trained: No 

Kennel trained: No

Good with kids: Not to recommend, because of his insecurity. 

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: None in foster family, but most likely would do fine.

Perry is not a dog for first time owners. He needs a person or family how has a great general understanding of dogs and the time and patience to help him to overcome his insecurity. Perry is still young and has all potential to overcome his fears, if he finds the right people. 

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Dachshound Mix | 1.5 Years old | 30 lbs

Temperament: Curious but insecure, loving but skeptical 

Behavior: Peanut wants to overcome her insecurity, but needs someone who helps her. She deals with insecurity and can be easily overwhelmed. She shows that with barking and lunging at the third party. To the same time she is very loving and curious. The wants to be part of your family … but needs someone to show her how. 

House Trained: Yes. 

Leash Trained: Yes 

Kennel trained: No

Good with kids: Selective, better no kids.  

Good with dogs: Selective, it may need a little time to adjust.

Good with cats: No.

Peanut needs a calm home where she can learn to trust and gain confidence. She deals with insecurity and is easily overwhelmed. She wants to become balanced and happy, but need humans who help her with that. It will take time and patience.

Lani would do best in a home with an experienced dog parent.

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Hound Mix | 1 Year old | 46 lbs

Temperament: Extremely loving, energetic but also snuggly. 

Behavior:Noe is very loyal and will follow you everywhere. Though timid at first, she loves meeting new people and is very curious. She feeds off her owner’s energy so if you’re calm and reassure her that a person is safe she will be fine. The only time Noe really barks is when she’s alerting you that someone unfamiliar is around the home.

House Trained: Yes. 

Leash Trained: Noe does great on walks without pulling, but sometimes when in new territory she can get easily distracted. . 

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Only older kids, if introduced  calmly.   

Good with dogs: Good with dogs in a neutral environment. Still working on closed spaces.

Good with cats: No.

Noe loves hiking and running around on the beach. She’s still getting used to swimming, but she’s definitely open to getting in the water. Ideally Noe’s home will be a family who is active and loves snuggles from their fur baby.

She is looking for experienced people, who knows to help her with her insecurity and build up confidence, or who are willing to attempt a training program with her. 

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Hound Mix | 7.5 Months old 

Size: 35 lbs

Temperament: Playful, indepedent & Curious.

Behavior: A happy puppy.

House Trained: 70% house trained – a couple of accidents here and there but is getting better!

Leash Trained: still learning how to walk on a leash.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Unsure, but is friendly so I don’t think there will be an issue

Good with dogs: Can be selective & need a slow introduction.

Good with cats: No

Prancer is a really good boy – he likes to play and have fun. He is a bit more independent but loves to be pet and cuddled with.

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Shar Pei-Hound Mix | 5 Months old

20 lbs | full-grown 50-55 lbs

Temperament: Goofy, playful & loving

Behavior: Buddy listens very well for a puppy and is highly food/toy motivated. He’s still a puppy so he’s feeling out new boundaries and exploring but he’s very quick to redirect and focuses most of his energy on toys only. He’s really well behaved overall!

House Trained: He has mastered doggy doors and goes in and out to potty without prompting when he’s allowed to roam the house with us home. His got a consistent routine at night and goes potty on puppy pads in his pen/crate area. He can do the “happy pee” if greeted by new people when he’s overly excited but it’s easily avoided if new people approach him in the right way.

Leash Trained: In progress, he does pull on the leash.

Kennel trained: Yes, he is very comfortable in a pen and sleeps in it daily.

Good with kids: Yes, but needs to learn to be more gentle with small kids.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: None in foster, will likely do well.

Buddy would thrive in a home with people who are playful & who has a yard. Buddy LOVES going to places that has grass! He will just flop around & roll in it. He’s generally a very medium energy puppy so he can chill at home on the couch and still want to bound around with people playing fetch.

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Terrier Mix | 5 Months old

Size: 30 lbs | Full-grown 50-60 lbs

Temperament: Jolly, Playful and Energetic

Behavior: Cocoa is a very friendly and happy puppy.

House Trained: He poops outside only and when inside the house he pees in the dog pad has a couple of accidents a couple of time inside but usually good

Leash Trained: No, typical puppy walking

Kennel trained: No

Good with dogs: Yes, very sweet

Good with kids: Yes.

Good with cats: None in foster, will likely do well.

Medical treatment: 5/6 heart murmur & not neutered due to that. Will have to sign a contract that you will not breed Cocoa.

Cocoa ideal home would be with someone who likes to be playful and spend time outside. He loves to play with toys and get attention.


Pending Meet & Greet
Not accepting new applications. Meet and greet has been set up.


Ridgeback Mix | 6 Months old

46 lbs | full-grown 80-90 lbs

Temperament: Playful, Snuggly & Curious

Behavior: Very Good! Tiger is a sweet boy who will benefit from an active family.  He loves long walks and hikes. He is curious and loves to play with other dogs. Dog on dog play is a huge part of his life. He loves chews, toys, playing outside and snuggling. His overbite allows for a puppy who doesn’t bite much- but you can definitely expect nose kisses and hugs from this big guy! He has a tendency to jump when excited but already knows how to sit on command and whistle recall. He does great with a 15min cool down in crate if he’s getting too excited. He really wants to please his family and is such a good boy!

House Trained: Yes.

Leash Trained: No, just started to walk on the leash.

Kennel trained: Yes. Tiger loves to sleep in his crate overnight and does well taking breaks in crate throughout the day. Overnight is about 7-8hrs. Breaks are usually 15min-2hrs.

Good with dogs: Yes,  he loves dogs.

Good with kids: Yes, very gentle and sweet.

Good with cats: None in foster, will likely do well.

Medical note: His overbite might require a bit of extra attention as he ages and grows adult teeth. He can’t chew well with the exposed teeth, and might need dental visits to ensure the health of his teeth over time. He eats, drinks, and chews perfectly fine.

Tiger is going to be a big boy and will need a family who can exercise him regularly, especially as he grows. He has never not had other dogs around and thrives with play. If he gets bored, he gets feisty! Most important Tiger needs a family who commit time, energy and patience towards his training. He is a very loving boy and eager to learn and explore. 


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