With many new followers and rescue supporters we understand there are many who are unfamiliar with how we work as a rescue. We hope to clarify a few questions regarding our adoption process.

Our dogs live in foster homes because we believe it brings many benefits. Dogs are very social animals. They need company and want to be part of your daily life. Through our fosters we know each dogs daily routine well. We can evaluate their behavior with other dogs and people, their character and their health properly. We give our dogs time to recover, if needed training, and all medical care they need prior adoption. Our goal is to find a family that best matches each dog. Most of the dogs have experienced loss and lived in unpleasant situations. They all deserve a loving and caring home.

When a dog is ready for adoption, we post them on our homepage and social media platforms. We always try to update their status as soon as possible. Our team is comprised of all volunteers and sometimes rescue life does not allow for immediate update. In general we accept applications for a few days to a week. Please do not messages repeatedly throughout the day to check if we finished reviewing all the applications. We do understand the excitement, but that creates lots of work for our team. It pushes us back in regards to how much work it makes for us and we get less done. We do our best to respond to everyone as fast as we can.

Sadly first in time, fist in line, is not how it works with us. We review all applications carefully and choose the best fit for the family and dog.

Recently we have begun to receive around 5-20 applications per dog, but we can only choose one. Please include all the information you’d like us to know in your application. When reviewing hundreds of applications, with only a volunteer team, we do not have the availability to call each and every family. Please be honest with your experience level and past experiences in your application.

If you do not receive the dog you were inquiring about that does not mean your application was not approved – sometimes there are many great families interested in one dog. In some cases your application may show you are better suited for a different dog. Not all dogs do good in all households.

Please trust in our experience level and evaluation. Due to us being an online platform and not having a shelter facility, many applications are placed based off of the looks of an animal. Please keep in mind we take into consideration the dogs needs and personality when reviewing and may inform you the dog would not thrive in your situation. Whether it’s due to the dog being timid and needing a more calm environment or many other reasons. If you are patient and understanding of our experience and recommendations we will always do our best to help find you a better suited dog. We are very careful when placing animals. Therefore our return-rate is very low and speaks to the success of our system.

Sometimes adoptions can happen very quickly, within a couple days. And other times it does take a little bit longer to complete an adoption. Any emergency rescue or vet visit is less time we have for the adoption process.

Our adoption process has helped thousands of people find their perfect match. Though we do understand our process is not for everyone. Some may not find our system to work for them. We encourage those to visit one of the shelters on Oahu. We believe in our process and we know the many successful adoptions we have done will attest it’s worth it. We want to work with people who appreciate the benefits of what we do and want to get the right match for their family.


Your PAWS of Hawaii Team