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As new dogs become available, we will post them below. Each dog’s profile includes a detailed profile and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page for their definitions. Please fill out an adoption application if you are new to our site and have not yet applied. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or instagram.  

Please read each animal’s FULL DETAILS prior to applying. SCROLL on the dog’s photos for their bio! FEMALE DOGS ARE COLORED PINK | MALE DOGS ARE COLORED TURQUOISE


Labrador - Hound mix | 10 years old | Size: 60 lbs
Temperament: Playful, Curious & Energetic

Behavior: Kainalu is the BEST dog. He is a loving and loyal companion. He may resource guard with other dogs. Currently enrolled in professional training with Sunshine Dogs Hawaii to help with this behaviors and is doing well.

House Trained: Yes, will inform you when he needs to go potty outside.

Leash Trained: Exhibits little to no pulling, no lunging and learning each day.

Kennel trained: Does not prefer.

Good with kids: Yes. Is comfortable around all ages but has lived primarily in a childless home.

Good with dogs: s comfortable around familiar dogs but does better alone.

Good with cats: No, is reactive to them.

Ideal home: Kainalu is a love bug and has been through a lot of changes these past three months. He will need time to warm up to a new environment. He is incredibly smart and needs a patient, calm and assertive leader to continue his training and exercise him properly both mentally and physically. Training lessons with Sunshine Dogs Hawaii can be arranged as prepaid and transferred to his new family. He will thrive with human companionship and access to a safely fenced area to run around leash free, play fetch or take day naps in the shade. He loves water and swims which is excellent exercise for his joints and hips.


Australian Shepherd - Terrier mix | 2 years old | Size: 40 lbs
Temperament: Playful, Sweet & Reserved

Behavior: Initially reserved. Loves playtime with toys, also enjoys a nap during the day. Loves to run and release his excitement outdoors.

House Trained:Yes, will mark home when first introduced. Belly band recommended in beginning.

Leash trained: Yes, walks right by your side.

Kennel trained: Yes, but needs encouragement to enter kennel.

Good with kids: Has been around young children but mostly lived in home with kids 12 and above.

Good with dogs: Loves to play with other dogs. He is still a puppy and can sometimes rough play with dogs.

Good with cats: Yes.

Ideal home: Redwood is a sweetheart who need ample time to warm up to his new home and humans before going on adventures. He will do best with a patient, calm & assertive leader to continue his training and exercise him both mentally and physically. He will thrive in a home with access to an outdoor space so he can get out his zoomies. Redwood has shown signs of resource guarding, reactivity & herding tendencies. He is already enrolled in professional training program to help with these behaviors. All training lessons is prepaid and can be transferred to his forever home.


Retriever - Shar Pei mix | 2 years old | Size: 55 lbs
Temperament: Friendly, Playful & Energetic

Behavior: Happy and excited to see her humans. May jump when excited.

House Trained: Potties in the yard

Leash trained: May pull if excited. When properly exercised she is very relaxed while walking.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, she is friendly, but because she can jump in excitement, older kids recommended.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unknown

Notes: Will chase after chickens.

Ideal home: Teine loves to play, explore and be with her humans. she is very affectionate, eager to please and loving. She enjoys relaxing with you, going for car rides and snuggles. She has some bad manner like jumping when excited, which can be corrected with consistency in training. Teine is a great dog who will love anyone who give her time a care.

Accepting Applications  |  Animal is ready for adoption and applications are open.

‘Back Up’ Applications | Animal has a meet, but we will still accept applications. Animal may not be available following first meet.

Pending Application Review | Not accepting new applications. Our team is reviewing the applications received.

Pending Meet & Greet | Not accepting new applications. A meet and greet has been set up and there are back up on file.

Pending Adoption Trial | Not accepting new applications. Animal is in a home doing a foster to adopt trial. This requires special approval.

Adoption Profile Removed | Profiles are removed when an animal is adopted, or has care needed before being made “ready” for adoption once more.