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At this time, we have 60-100 animals with the rescue. As new dogs become available, we will post them below. Each dog’s profile includes a detailed profile and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page for their definitions. Please fill out an adoption application if you are new to our site and have not yet applied. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or instagram.  

Please read each animal’s FULL DETAILS prior to applying. SCROLL on the dog’s photos for their bio! FEMALE DOGS ARE COLORED PINK | MALE DOGS ARE COLORED TURQUOISE


Airedale Mix | 4 years old | Size: 51 lbs
Temperament: Active, Energetic, and Playful

Behavior: Peanut will match your energy, she loves to play but also loves to relax. As long as she’s with her people, she is a happy girl.

Kennel trained: Not needed.

Potty Trained:Yes

Good with kids: Older, 12+

Good with dogs: Selective with dogs. Needs training.

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Peanut is deaf, we would love to see her in an older household who will be able to continue working with her to learn hand signals. Peanut would prefer no other animals in the home and no young children.


American Pit Bull | 3 years old | Size: 65 lbs
Temperament: Very sweet, very sensitive and shy.

Behavior: Billy is sensitive to stern words loud noises, all flight-no fight reaction.

Kennel trained: No need.

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Good with kids, but will plow a kid over when playing and step in anyone/thing in front of him.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Ideal home: As a chain dog, EVERYTHING is new to Billy - it’s essentially having a 65 lb puppy. He is very sensitive to any stern talking, he will run for cover and stress. He needs to be in a home where the people aren’t going to get frustrated with him and make him feel like crap as he’s learning to be a house dog and to trust. You will most likely lose a shoe to Billy at some point - so get over it now. It’s great to have a fenced - in yard where he can do zoomies a few time a day. Currently cannot be off leash b/c he gets scared and will bolt! He thrives on having company and companionship from people and animals. Must be willing to rub his belly and scratch his face whenever you’re w/in arms-length. Not a fan of car rides-tolerates them begrudgingly.


Blue Nose Pitbull | 4 Years | Size: 85lbs
Temperament: Sweet, Energetic, Playful

Behavior: Angel is a very loving dog. She can be a little wary of loud voices, but became acclimated to her louder fosters. She can also shy away from swift movements near her head. Angel is very smart & learned boundaries within the home very quickly with a few gates, & no longer needs the gates closed to remember those boundaries.

Kennel trained: No need

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Angel would do well in an active household with a yard to run in & with a family who has the patience to teach her good leash manners. This girl can get seriously silly & loves to spin in circles. When she's indoors, Angel is content to sleep on her bed, but also loves to cuddle whenever she gets the opportunity. Angel is very smart & is knowledgeable in basic commands, & will do well with someone willing to reinforce those that she already knows and continue teaching her new ones to keep her engaged. After so many puppies, Angel is ready for a home where she will be the one and only.

Accepting Adoption Applications  |  Animal is ready for adoption and applications are open.

‘Back Up’ Applications | Animal has a meet, but we will still accept applications. Animal may not be available following first meet.

Pending Application Review | Not accepting new applications. Our team is reviewing the applications received.

Pending Meet & Greet | Not accepting new applications. A meet and greet has been set up and there are back up on file.

Pending Adoption Trial | Not accepting new applications. Animal is in a home doing a foster to adopt trial. This requires special approval.

Adoption Profile Removed | Profiles are removed when an animal is adopted, or has care needed before being made “ready” for adoption once more.