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As new dogs become available, we will post them below. Each dog’s profile includes a detailed profile and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page for their definitions. Please fill out an adoption application if you are new to our site and have not yet applied. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

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Australian Cattle Dog | 3½ years old | Size: 46 lbs

Temperament: Confident, Protective & Observant,

Behavior: Hero is an intelligent "people dog". High energy, typical of his breed, he needs a job to do. Alert and takes guarding his pack and home seriously. He loves cuddling, being pet, playing, and napping with his humans. He is tentative of other dogs he doesn't know, loud noises, and does not like being left alone.

House Trained: Yes, potties on walks or in the yard.

Leash Trained: Yes, enjoys walks

Kennel trained: Hero does not like small enclosed places. He will show guarding tendencies in a small kennel. in a large outdoor kennel or pen, he has no issues.

Good with kids: 15 years and older. Teens will be okay if they can help in providing consistent directions to correct any unwanted behaviors.

Good with dogs: Hero needs to become acquainted with new animals slowly,. He is doing well with two dogs in his foster home but shows some fear and aggression towards other dogs while walking.

Good with cats: Unknown

Ideal home: Hero would do best in a home that can include him as an active member of the family and provide him with a job or regular mental "work". He shows all the typical traits of an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler): he is people selective and will most likely pick out one person in a family as his favorite and follow them everywhere, he can be a bit mouthy with people and other dogs and will try to nip or "heel" ankles or hands (this is not done aggressively it is usually playful), he takes guarding his pack and environment very seriously, he can also be stubborn and independent so very consistent directions and training are a must with 100% follow through.

Hero is very smart and will need an owner who can take on the role of leader, provide proper behavior training, and find outlets for his active personality. He needs a farm with lots of room to roam or house that has a large yard for regular play sessions and the ability to take plenty of walks (1-3 miles a day) as he will display negative/destructive behaviors if bored.



Hound - Terrier mix | 1 year old | Size: 30 lbs

Temperament: Loving, Loyal, Happy & Timid

Behavior: Very sweet doesn’t bark or growl at anybody ever. Can be timid with meeting new people or changes in his routine. Cooper loves his toys and treats

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Kennel trained: Yes, sleeps in it every night

Good with kids: Cooper is gentle, but hasn't lived with young kids. May prefer older children due to his timid temperament.

Good with dogs: Yes, he loves all dogs and wants to play.

Good with cats: Unknown

Ideal home: Cooper is a sweet dog. He has a mid personality, but has come out of his shell so much in foster care. He is very comfortable around other animals and they may help him to assimilate best in a new home or environment. He is a gentle dog and will do well with a family willing to be patient and loving with him.



Hound mix | 7 years old | Size: 65 lbs

Temperament: Lovable, Happy-Go-Lucky & Affectionate

Behavior: Bailey just wanted to be around people and give and receive love.

House Trained: Yes, potties outside.

Leash Trained: Yes, enjoys walks/

Kennel trained: Doesn't utilize a kennel at this time.

Good with kids: Yes, very kind and gentle

Good with dogs: Yes, does very well.

Good with cats: Unknown, would assume he does well based on personality

Ideal home: Ollie is a gentle love. He has a fantastic temperament and is an easy going guy. He would make a great companion for a family. He has lived in a loving home all his life and only knows how to love and be loved.



Chihuahua | 8 years old | Size: 4½ lbs

Temperament: Lovable, Sweet & Calm

Behavior: Very loving and may give a little bark for attention on occasion.

House Trained: he doesn't tear up anything in the home. But he does mark. He wears a doggie diaper.

Leash Trained: Loves his walks and will do a leisurely 1-2 mile walk through a park or around the block.

Kennel trained: Doesn't utilize a kennel at this time.

Good with kids: Yes, has not had any issues with aggression. But de to his size, kids that understand gentle handling would be best.

Good with dogs: Yes, is being fostered with multiple other dogs and walks the neighborhood with them.

Good with cats: Likely to do well, none in his foster home.

Medical: Bruiser has Congenital Heart Failure. He needs a loving family that understands he needs some special love in his golden years. He is NOT neutered because he would not have survived going under anesthesia. He wheezes at times due to his heart condition. But otherwise is a happy and loving boy. Ideal home: Bruiser is a very good boy. he wants his human's love and affection and gives you his adoration. He has some issues, like the marking and his wheezing, due to heart condition. But we truly believed he deserved a shot at a good life and we know someone will feel the same and love him.



Terrier mix | 2 months old | Size: 5 lbs

Temperament: Goofy, Rambunctious & Cuddly

Behavior: Pippin is a little lap pup and loves to be close to his people.

House Trained: In progress, young puppies will need consistent training the first several months of life

Leash Trained: Needs to start

Kennel trained: Yes, with sibling. will cry alone.

Good with kids: Yes, was very gentle when he met a baby. All puppies will need attentive care when with little kids to ensure proper handling by children and good interactions all around.

Good with dogs: YES! Loves other dogs. may be shy of very large dogs in the beginning.

Good with cats: Yes, does well with cats.

Ideal home: Pippin is a happy little boy. He loves cuddles and playtime. He would enjoy another furry companion in the home to play with, as he has been used to having other dogs around. he was rescued froma hoarding situation with 70 other dogs.


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