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At this time, the number of animals we have available for adoption is lower than usual. As dogs are posted, they are being adopted very quickly. We continue to care for 60-90 rescue dogs at this time. Due to high interests, many of these dogs have adopters lined up. As new dogs become available, we will post them below. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, you will only be asked your name and contact.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or email us at

Please read each animals FULL DETAILS to applying. SCROLL on the dogs photos for their bio!



Chow Chow | 8 years old | Size: 41 lbs
Temperament: Gentle, Mellow, Smart, Stubborn, Friendly & Loving

Medical :Blind. Great hearing, average sense of smell. Behavior: Follows commands well and learns quickly. Likes to nest in comfortable blankets. Playful at times with bursts of energy and easy to train.

Behavior: Follows commands well and learns quickly. Likes to nest in comfortable blankets. Playful at times with bursts of energy and easy to train. Potty Trained: Yes.

Kennel trained: She will go in and stay without issue during the day, but she needs to be led in.

Potty Trained: Yes.

Good with kids: Yes.

Good with dogs: Great off leash. Can be less friendly on leash, but not aggressive.

Good with cats: Unknown.

Ideal home: Queenie needs a home with an attentive owner. It would be best if her owner works from home or is retired. A yard is necessary so she can learn her surroundings and easily and comfortable potty outside. She will need patience learning any new environment.


Boxer Mix | 6 months old | Size: 30 lbs
Temperament: Unknown, none in foster

Behavior: A high energy boxer mix! Loves to run, play tug and be with other dogs. However, she can also be calm, lying on the floor or snuggled next to a human. Charlie loves walking/running around inside the house or outside the house sniffing things. She does need to be watched closely as she will try to eat small objects, leaves, bark, and flowers. During spurts of high energy or under some stress, Charlie will play bite and attempt to jump at you. Training and redirection will be needed.  

Kennel trained: Does not prefer.

Potty Trained: In progress, will have a few accidents.

Good with kids: She is friendly, but we will only consider household with kids over 12 years of age.

Good with dogs: Yes. She may annoy some dogs with her high energy.

Good with cats: Unknown, none in foster

Ideal home: Charlie’s adoptive home will need to have a large yard. She needs a family that does not work long hours. An all adult household or only kids over 12. She eats home cooked meals mixed with dry food. Will not eat dry when offered alone. She needs someone that has a willingness to enroll her in proper training.


Airedale-Pit Bull Mix | 3.5 months old | expected Size: 45-55 lbs
Temperament: Playful, loving & active

Behavior: Still a pup. needs corrections but learns quickly. Shy at first, but once she settles in she loves to play. Potty Trained: In progress, will pee on her grass pad a  

Kennel trained: She's beginning her kennel training and will go in if she's very tired or with some coaxing and will settle down with no accidents.

Potty Trained: In progress, will pee on her grass pad and poo on a puppy pad. She does have accidents, needs to be taken out regularly. She can sleep through the night without any accidents in her crate or in a bed.

Good with kids: Yes. She's still learning to not jump but hasn't had any issued with the toddlers she's met.

Good with dogs: Yes. She typically nervous in the beginning but once she settles in loves to run around, play tug & wrestle.

Good with cats: Yes. She hasn't shown much interest in the cats.

Ideal home: Ciara needs a home with a yard and another dog. She's very high energy and needs an active family. Plus, like any puppy needs someone to train her and teach her boundaries.


Jack russell Terrier Mix | 2 months old | 3 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Docile, Observant

Behavior: Can be timid at new introductions

Kennel trained: No, used to being in a playpen with sibling at night

Potty Trained: No, puppies need consistent follow up and training

Good with kids: Yes!

Good with dogs: Yes!

Good with cats: Yes!

Ideal situation: Tony would really love a family that has a lot of time and attention to give him. He needs a lot of love, patience and socialization to help ensure he grows into an amazing adult dog. He is gentle with all in the home: kids, dogs and chickens. Due to his age, a family that is around often would be ideal.


English Bulldog Mix | 1.5 years old | 62 lbs | Deaf
Temperament: Goofy, Loving & Playful

Medica: Deaf

Behavior: Sweet nature. Likes to play with other dogs and wander around the yard. He pays attention well! It helps having the other dogs to follow their ques.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes! Needs other dogs in the home!

Good with cats: Yes

Ideal situation: Hapa absolutely needs to have a secure enclosed yard. He will escape and wander if left outside. He needs another dog in the home, it helps him follow ques and situations in the environment. Hapa loves to be a couch potato! He would prefer to have a family that is home / around often. If left home alone a kennel is necessary since he is still a puppy.


Pit Bull | 6 months old | Size: 35 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Energetic & Active

Behavior: Izzy loves to play. She enjoys falling asleep to relaxation music. She knows to only chew on her toys. She is high energy needs proper exercise, hikes and beach outings. Izzy need professional training. A part of her adoption will be that a family is able to sign her up with a professional trainer. She was not properly corrected as a baby and she uses her mouth to play, which can lead to a lot of cuts and scratches.

Kennel trained: Yes, sleeps through the night in her kennel.

Potty Trained: In progress, needs to be taken outside often.

Good with kids: Izzy is a sweet girl, but due to her desire to say hello "with her mouth" and jump up at people: we would prefer an all adult home.

Good with dogs: She does enjoy playing with dogs, but prefers people. Recommended as an only dog due to food aggression towards other dogs (not people). When no food is involved, Izzy does enjoy the company of other dogs. She does not always get social cues and can be too "in your face" with other dogs.

Good with cats: Unknown


Ideal home: Izzy would love to find a home with a big yard to play in. An active family that can take her hiking and to the beach. She would do best in a home with no other dogs. Izzy will require professional training to work on her food aggression, jumping and mouthing.


Cattle Dog Mix | 3.5 months old | 27 lbs - expected: 50-60 lbs
Temperament: Playful, Gentle & Sweet

Behavior: A little shy at first, warms up pretty quickly. Loves belly rubs and likes to fetch

Kennel trained: Yes sleeps in kennel at night

Potty Trained: In Progress, able to go thru night in kennel with no accidents, working on daytime potty training.

Good with kids: Yes due to his timid nature, prefer kids over 12+ years old.

Good with dogs: Cautious but curious, would benefit from proper introduction and meeting more dogs.

Good with cats: Unknown.

Ideal situation: Zeus would love a home with a yard and humans who had time to play with him. He will need patience and time to help him in new environments. He can be stubborn and pouty when he does not want to do something. Once he trusts his human he loves belly rubs and sitting in your lap. He is a wonderful dog!


Hound-Terrier Mix | 4 months old
Temperament: Sweet, Playful, Active & Curious

Behavior: He is a sweet puppy and always wants to be next to you. He loves the beach, getting in the water and chasing birds. He does not like being left alone and becomes bored easily. He is shy with new people and needs time to warm up.

Kennel trained: Does not use in foster home.

Potty Trained: Yes, 90% of the time.

Good with kids: Yes, would prefer kids 8 and up, he is rambunctious

Good with dogs: Yes!

Good with cats: Unknown

Ideal situation: Luigi would love an active owner who will include him on everyday activities and has experience training puppies. Luigi would love another younger dog in the home and someone who has a lot of time to devote to him. He will need consistent training and patience. Luigi may try to be bossy and "play bite" which needs training and correction to ensure it does not grow in to a bad habi