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As new dogs become available, we will post them below. Each dog’s profile includes detailed information and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page. If you find a dog you would like to meet, please fill out an adoption application. If you’ve previously applied to adopt, click the application link and list that you’ve previously filed  to bypass the full application, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or instagram.  

Please read each animal’s FULL DETAILS prior to applying. SCROLL on the dog’s photos for their bio! FEMALE DOGS ARE COLORED PINK | MALE DOGS ARE COLORED TURQUOISE


Cattle Dog - Shepherd mix | 7 months old | Size: 45 lbs

Temperament: Loyal, Cuddly, Goofy

Behavior: Follows his people, knows sit, come - seriously LOVES being right by his people - touching them if possible. Needs to work on not jumping on his people to say hello and sitting nicely when his people have food. A little nervous about new things, but warms up quickly when given a moment to adapt

House Trained: Yes. Fully potty trained, will go to the door when he wants to go out and can hold it all night!

Leash Trained: In Progress. Can get excited and pull a little, just needs more practice.

Kennel trained: Does not sleep in a kennel at our house - sleeps on a dog bed with foster siblings

Good with kids: Yes! Might be accidentally rough with little kids. He’s still learning to be gentle.

Good with dogs: Yes! Loves his foster brothers and sister.

Good with cats: Unknown , none in foster home.

Ideal home: Evan would love a home with a family looking for a best friend. He is going to make such an incredible companion. He just needs someone who is patient as Evan learns to be brave with all the things the world has to offer - and someone who has LOTS of snuggles to share. He loves to play and will enjoy being your very best adventure buddy.



Catahoula - Pit mix | 4 months old | Size: 20 lbs

Temperament: Cuddly, Curious & Playful

Behavior: Treat is a very sweet floppy puppy who wants nothing more than to be near you! Loves to be friends with every person or dog she encounters. She will do anything you ask for a treat. She cries when she is put in her pen/enclosure and will try to find her way to you. Would likely do best with a person around or with a fur friend.

House Trained: In progress, doing well, she is taken to the yard every 2-4 hours.

Leash Trained: Not yet started

Kennel trained: She eats and sleeps in her kennel and also goes in it on her own throughout the day

Good with kids:Will do well, though as a puppy she is very excitable. Needs to learn to not jump and mouth to play.

Good with dogs: Yes, loves other dogs

Good with cats:Unknown but likely ok, she has seen cats and did not exhibit an over excitement.

Ideal home: Treat is looking for a family that will give her lots of attention and cuddles, people that would welcome this silly little girl to climb into their lap for a nap. As a puppy, she needs leadership and patience so that she can develop into an all star. Ideally, her new family will have the time and circumstance to help her adjust to her new environment and slowly get her comfortable with being by herself. Treat would also love having a fur brother or sister to play with!



Australian Cattle Dog | 4 years old | Size: 46 lbs

Temperament: Confident, Loyal & Observant,

Behavior: Hero is an intelligent "people dog". High energy, typical of his breed, he loves a job to do. Alert and takes guarding his home seriously. He loves cuddling, being pet, playing, and napping with his humans.

House Trained: Yes, potties on walks or in the yard. He does well being left out in the home alone.

Leash Trained: Yes, enjoys walks. Walks nicely and is attentive to his human.

Kennel trained: Hero is an odd ball about kennels. If you place him in a kennel and leave, he will relax and rest. But if anyone comes up to his kennel, he will bark loudly. We have opted to not use a kennel as it just is not needed for him.

Good with kids: 15 years and older recommended. this is because Hero gets very attached to his owner and doesn't really care much for other people outside of his person. He has lived in a home with young children and older kids as well.

Good with dogs: Hero is recommended as an only dog. He needs to become acquainted with new animals slowly,. He doesn't care much for other dogs and prefers to play with his humans.

Good with cats: He doesn't seem to bother with the cat in his foster. just doesn't like the cat in his kennel or on his bed.

Ideal Home: Hero would do best with a single owner or couple as a solo dog in the home. He will be your absolute best buddy, snuggler, and pal.

Ideal home: Hero would do best in a home that can include him as an active member of the family and provide him with a job or regular mental "work". He shows all the typical traits of an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler): he is people selective and will most likely pick out one person in a family as his favorite and follow them everywhere, he can be a bit mouthy with people and other dogs and will try to nip or "heel" ankles or hands (this is not done aggressively it is usually playful), he takes guarding his pack and environment very seriously, he can also be stubborn and independent so very consistent directions and training are a must with 100% follow through.

Hero is very smart and will need an owner who can take on the role of leader, provide proper behavior training, and find outlets for his active personality. He needs a farm with lots of room to roam or house that has a large yard for regular play sessions and the ability to take plenty of walks (1-3 miles a day) as he will display negative/destructive behaviors if bored.



Hound mix | 1½ years old | Size: 50 lbs

Temperament: Playful, Loving & Silly

Behavior: Jellybean has a sweet temperament and is eager to please. Although she has moments where she can be stubborn, don’t we all! Jellybean knows sit, settle, leave it and no. If bored and left all alone she might find things to play with, i.e: tissues, cardboard boxes or slippers. Jellybean might be reserved when meeting new people, but warms up quickly.

Potty Trained: Yes, she will wait by the door to be let out.

Leash Trained: Walks well on a leash and loves to take in all the sights and smells.

Kennel trained: She is crate trained and will need to be crated when left at home alone.

Good with kids: Foster has teens in her home, whom jelly does great with. When she gets excited she may give tiny nibbles, she responds quickly to correction.

Good with dogs: Jellybean loves meeting new dogs. She is still a puppy herself and loves to play. She is rambunctious and loves to have fun.

Good with cats: She had previously met cats and did not bother with them.

Ideal home: Jelly bean is a happy girl in search of all your love and snuggles. She is sweet and will make a fantastic companion for any household that is willing to give her time, love and consistency.



Chihuahua - Terrier mix | 6 years old | Size: 10 lbs

Temperament: Sweet, Gentle & Playful

Behavior:Bailey loves snacks and cuddles. She seeks out anyone who looks like they might want to give her some lovin’ and just wants to return the affection. She is very easy going and happiest whenever around people or other dogs.

Medical: Finished treatment for heartworms while with the rescue.

Potty Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Kennel trained: Unknown, not needed in foster home

Good with kids: No kids in foster's home (but based off of her overall temperament, we don't picture her having a problem with children!)

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: None in her foster home, but likely to do well due to her temperment.

Ideal home: Bailey is a precious little girl. She loves attention and affection. Bailey will be the perfect addition to any home. She loves to receive pets and cuddles!



Cattle Dog mix | 3 years old | Size: 50 lbs

Temperament: Goofy, Sweet, Inquisitive & Playful

Behavior: Pepper is a high energy girl she loves a good wrestle and playtime. She also loves couch cuddles, belly rubs & squeaky toys.

Potty Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Pepper has been doing good with leash training. She pulls a little, but has been progressing well.

Kennel trained: Yes, with sibling. will cry alone.

Good with kids: We would recommend a home with older kids as when pepper plays, she can barrel in to you on accident.

Good with dogs: Yes, but likes to play rough.

Good with cats: Not likely.

Ideal home: Pepper would do best in a home with adults that love to adventure and can take her on outings. She would thrive as an only dog, where she can receive further training and learn more about being a house dog. We guess Pepper may have been a breeder for a hunter before she was rescued. She came to us and had a litter of 4 puppies. Pepper is a great girl and has such a bright future ahead of her.



Terrier mix | 8 months old | Size: 15 lbs

Temperament:Loving, Reserved & Gentle

Behavior: Buster is a sweet boy. He can be reserved with new people and situations. He just needs some love and patiences to open up!he is also playful with other dogs once he is accustomed to his surroundings.

House Trained: Doesn’t have accidents in kennel. Whines to be let out. Is allowed free access to the yard. Still potty training, so would not leave free in home all alone yet.

Leash Trained: Would rather lay down for belly rubs than go for walks, needs a little training!

Kennel trained:Yes. During the day while foster is at work and sleeping at night.

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: None in foster, likely to do well based on temperament.

Ideal home: Buster is a gentle and sweet boy. He would thrive in a home that has a calming and friendly environment. He can be a little timid at first, so he needs someone willing to give him love and patience as he adjusts. He really enjoys belly rubs and playing with toys. He enjoys time with others, but is also good to be on his own.



Terrier mix | 7 months old | Size: 19 lbs

Temperament: Loving, Adventurous & Timid   

Behavior: Dayle is very timid with strangers and will not likely open up at first meetings. With some love and patience, she will come around!

House Trained:Uses puppy pads and goes outside in the yard to potty.

Kennel trained: Puppies do not utilize a kennel, instead She sleeps in a penned off area with her brother, Chip.

Good with kids: Yes, is in a foster home with two older kids. Dayle is very gentle, but she will get overwhelmed in a home with young children.

Good with dogs: Loves her brother and other dogs in her foster’s home. They nap on the couch together and enjoy playtime in the yard. May be shy of new dogs in the beginning. She would love to be in a home with other dogs and will adjust!  

Good with cats: None in foster’s home, likely to do well due to temperament.

Ideal home: Dayle would thrive in a family home with a person or couple that will give her love and understanding. Someone who knows she won’t open up at the first meeting, but with time, she will quickly come to love you and make you her family. She will love to go on outings with her humans and would love a yard to play in.



Labrador - Hound mix | 10 years old | Size: 60 lbs

Temperament: Friendly, Loving, Happy & Loyal

Behavior: Kainalu is a great dog. He is enrolled in training with Sunshine Dogs Hawaii to work on some resource guarding with other dogs. Continued training is included in his adoption.

House Trained: Yes, will inform when he needs to go out.

Leash Trained: Yes, exhibits little to no pulling. May not return on command is off leash and likes to explore.

Kennel trained: No, does not prefer

Good with kids: Yes, comfortable around children of all ages, but has primarily lived in a child free home.

Good with dogs: Kainalu is comfortable around familiar dogs, but prefers to be an only dog.

Good with cats: None in foster home, will bark at them.

Ideal home: Kainalu is a love bug. He is incredibly smart and will need a patient, calm and assertive leader to continue his behavior training and exercise him properly both mentally and physically. Training lessons with Sunshine Dogs Hawaii can be arranged as prepaid and transferred to his new forever family. He will thrive in a home that provides companionship and access to an outside space that is safely fenced in to run around leash free, play fetch or take day naps in the shade. He loves water and swims which is excellent exercise for his joints and hips.



Terrier mix | 4 motnhs old | Size: 9 lbs

Temperament: Loving, Sweet, Playful

Behavior: Eve is a curious little girl. Likes to play and explore. She is loving and enjoys being around her humans.

Potty Trained: In Progress, uses puppy pads.

Leash Trained: Not started

Kennel trained: Will go in a kennel, but due to age, puppy play pen would be best.

Good with kids: Absolutely!

Good with dogs: Loves other dogs!

Good with cats: None in foster, but likely to do very well based on temperament.

Ideal home: Eve is a very sweet pup. She would thrive in many different types of homes. She just needs a loving family, willing to put in the time to work on her training and give her love daily.



Labrador mix | 7 years old | Size: 60 lbs

Temperament: Easy Going, Loving, Very Friendly

Behavior: Very Relaxed, loves to play fetch and sleep equally. Dunkin is a well balanced dog.

Medical: Dunkin has an occasional allergy flare up, in which he takes Apoquel.

House Trained: Yes, potties outside.

Leash Trained: Yes, walks nicely.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, he is a sweet and gentle boy.

Good with dogs: Yes, absolutely great with all other dogs.

Good with cats: Yes

Ideal home: Dunkin would be a wonderful addition to a loving home. He is gentle, easy going and will make a great companion. He is up for playtime if you are and down to relax and lounge around when at home.



Labrador - Terrier mix | 9 years old | Size: 55 lbs

Temperament: Mellow, Friendly & Passive

Behavior: Dani Girl tends to be mellow in most situations. Gets along well with kids and other dogs. Hasn’t learned commends, but has potential with time & patience. Dani simply wants attention and loves going for walks.

House Trained: Yes, may need time to adjust to a new home and schedule. Fosters do allow her access to the yard and take her on walks.

Leash Trained: Dani loves walks, she gets excited when the leash comes out. She walks great with her foster dad, but pulls a little with her foster mom when she is excited to catch up to other people or dogs.

Kennel trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, in a foster home with two young children.

Good with dogs: Yes, in a foster home with a young puppy who nipples on her and plays rough and Dani is patient with her.

Good with cats: Unknown. None in foster.

Ideal home: Dani is a sweet senior gal. She should do well in most home situations. Access to a yard or someone to walk her would be ideal. She is looking for a companion for her golden years.



Chihuahua - Terrier mix | 2 years old | Size: 6 lbs


Blue Nose Pit Bull mix | 6 years old | Size: 70 lb

Temperament:Happy, Sweet, and Chill

Behavior: “Hina” is a very good girl. She always does her best to please her humans. She has a very excitable and playful side. Yet is also happy to lounge around and relax. She knows a few tricks/commands like "sit", "stay", and "paw."

Medical: Occasional allergy flare up, she takes Apoquel.

Potty Trained: Yes; has access to backyard to go potty

Leash Trained: Does well with an easy walk. On a regular harness or collar, Hina does pull if excited. Will do well with consistency and more training.

Kennel trained: Does not use a kennel

Good with kids: Yes, would love a home with kids 8. She does do great with little kids, but does not like being pulled and grabbed at.

Good with dogs: Yes, may be very excitable when first meeting a dog

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Hina would thrive so great with a family that would love a big blue hippo doggie. She is Is a happy, go lucky, silly and playful girl. She loves to play with the water hose and play at the beach. Her pastimes do include chasing lizards and birds in the yard. She is a very well trained (outside of excited leash pulling). She can not wait to meet her forever home!


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