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At this time, the number of animals we have available for adoption is lower than usual. As dogs are posted, they are being adopted very quickly. We continue to care for 90 rescue dogs at this time. Due to high interests, many of these dogs have adopters lined up. As new dogs become available, we will post them below. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, please just follow up with a message via facebook or email us at

Please read each animals FULL DETAILS to applying. SCROLL on the dogs photos for their bio!



Pit Bull - Labrador mix | 3.5 years old | Size: Large
Temperament: Active, playful and loving

Behavior: Ho'omau is a very happy and active dog. He enjoys to live. Is very outgoing and loving to everybody. A real bundle of joy.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Mostly

Good with kids: Yes. He has to learn to be gentle with smaller kids. He might knock them down out of excitement.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Medical concerns: Still in the process of healing.


Whippet-Donnie Mix | 3 years old
Temperament: Shy, quiet, gentle, calm, passive

Behavior: Sweetie is shy and reserved meeting new people. It takes time for her to open up. She is a very passive dogs and does not react to most things. She will try to hide if she is scared. She has excellent leash manners. She was living outside and is adjusting to living inside now.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: She ignores kids, needs time to warm up.

Good with dogs: Yes, she loves other dogs.

Good with cats: Yes, ignores them outside.

Ideal home: An active family with older children who love to go on hikes or long walks. Sweetie would love to have some furry siblings.


Hound - Chinese Crested mix | 4 years old | 34 lbs
Temperament: Loyal, Goofy, Protective & Sweet

Behavior: Tux becomes very attached to his caregiver. He forms a strong bond with one person in particular and will consider himself their guardian.

Kennel trained: Does not prefer

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Older kids ONLY

Good with dogs: Would like to be the only dog in the home.

Good with cats: Unsure.

Ideal home: Tuxedo would love to find a forever home where he has a special human he can care for. He will be your loyal, loving and protective companion. Tux would like to be the only dog in the home. having lived most of his life as a homeless dog, he is used to eating human food and prefers home cooked meal. Will decline offered kibble. Tuxedo is insecure with new people, he needs time to warm up and a patient home, who can wait until he is ready to for you. If not - he might snap in fearful manner.


Pit Bull | 6 months old | Size: 35 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Energetic & Active

Behavior: Izzy loves to play. She enjoys falling asleep to relaxation music. She knows to only chew on her toys. She is high energy needs proper exercise, hikes and beach outings. Izzy need professional training. She will not be able to be trained in home. A part of her adoption will be that a family is able to sign her up with a professional trainer. She we not properly corrected as a baby and she uses her mouth to play, which can lead to a lot of cuts and scratches.

Kennel trained: Yes, sleeps through the night in her kennel.

Potty Trained: In progress, needs to be taken outside often.

Good with kids: Izzy is a sweet girl, but due to her desire to say hello "with her mouth" and jump up at people: we would prefer an all adult home.

Good with dogs: She does enjoy playing with dogs, but prefers people. Recommended as an only dog due to food aggression towards other dogs (not people). When no food is involved, Izzy does enjoy the company of other dogs. She does not always get social cues and can be too "in your face" with other dogs.

Good with cats: Unknown


Ideal home: Izzy would love to find a home with a big yard to play in. An active family that can take her hiking and tot he beach. She would do best in a home with no other dogs. Izzy will require professional training to work on her food aggression, jumping and mouthing.


Hound-Pit Bull Mix | 7 months old | 30 lbs
Temperament: Pu'uwai is the happiest puppy with the best personality! She is energetic and playful. Loves snuggling with you on the couch for a nap. Pu’uwai LOVES being around people and is a lap dog. She can be timid at first by unfamiliar, abrupt gestures, but she adjusts. Not a big fan of the water yet, but she could learn to like because she always wants to be part of the fun! Pu'uwai is a fast learner.

Behavior: She is still young and has some jumping tendencies. She aims to please and is so easily corrected. In a new environment, she’ll initially display separation anxiety/whining, but once you put her on a routine, she adapts.

Kennel trained: Yes. Eats / sleeps soundly in kennel; particularly if people are in room with her. She can whine initially for people when in kennel but settles easily.

Potty Trained: In progress. She knows how to use a doggie door but is still learning to go out on her own when she needs to potty. Can have accidents.

Good with kids: Yes, would do best with older kids who can understand how to be gentle towards her.

Good with dogs: Yes, Pu'uwai is great with dogs. She’s submissive and even though she’s playful, she recognizes when to give another dog their space.

Good with cats: Unknown

Medical: Pu'uwai is spayed and microchipped. We had her first and second rounds of vaccinations and a deworming done. She is on heartworm and flea prevention.

IMPORTANT: This animal has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, which indicates abnormal flow of blood through the heart. Murmurs are graded on a scale from one to six, with one being the quietest and six being the loudest. A heart murmur may be benign, meaning they are not causing any medical problems. However, a heart murmur may lead to further medical conditions including congestive heart failure. Please follow up with your veterinarian regarding this condition. Adopter assumes responsibility for this and any other medical conditions that may arise at their own cost.

Pu'uwai is diagnosed 4/6 left basilar systolic murmur. Consulted cardiologist - likely Pulmonic Stenosis or Subaortic Stenosis due to breed.

Ideal home: Pu’uwai would love a home where she gets lots of attention from her humans and other dogs. She has lots of puppy energy, active parents would be great! Best with a family who has slightly older kids who won’t handle her too roughly as it can be a little scary for her.


Hound mix | 4 months old
Temperament: Active, playful and loving

Behavior: Kaipo is a little shy at the beginning and needs time to warm up.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Mostly

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unkown



Min Pin Mix | 3-4 years old | 18 lbs ~
Temperament: Sweet, Loving, Happy & Timid

Behavior: Patty will jump up and follow you around. Loves to dance for treats. She is food aggressive with other animals. This comes from the hard life she lived prior. Upon meeting new people Patty is timid and will bark but warms up with some treats.

Kennel trained: Not used in foster home.

Potty Trained: Allowed outside frequently and has not pottied in the foster's house.

Good with kids: We prefer an all adult household as Patty is very timid of new things.

Good with dogs: She does well with other dogs as long as food/toys aren't involved.

Good with cats: She seems to get along fine with them. If they run, then she considers it a game and will chase.

Ideal home: Patty would love to live in an all adult household. She would love to live her life as a spoiled only dog. Although, with training and time she could do fine with other dogs.