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At this time, we have 60-100 animals with the rescue. As new dogs become available, we will post them below. Each dog’s profile includes a detailed profile and their current adoption status. Please review the status specifications located at the bottom of this page for their definitions. Please fill out an adoption application if you are new to our site and have not yet applied. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, you will only be asked your name and contact information.

Please follow up all adoption inquiries with a message on facebook (preferred) or email us at

Please read each animal’s FULL DETAILS prior to applying. SCROLL on the dog’s photos for their bio! FEMALE DOGS ARE COLORED PINK | MALE DOGS ARE COLORED TURQUOISE


Airedale Mix | 4 years old | Size: 53 lbs
Temperament: Active, Energetic, and Playful

Behavior: Peanut will match your energy, she loves to play but also loves to relax. As long as she’s with her people, she is a happy girl.

Kennel trained: Not needed.

Potty Trained:Yes

Good with kids: Older, 12+

Good with dogs: No

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Peanut is deaf, we would love to see her in an older household who will be able to continue working with her to learn hand signals. Peanut would prefer no other animals in the home and no young children.


Dachshund mix | 3 years old | Size: 25 lbs
Temperament: Cautious, Sweet, and Loving.

Behavior: He’s very spunky! Always smelling or trying to find any sounds. Can be playful, but is usually distracted. Can get spicey if your movements are too quick or not anywhere that can be seen. Must take your time, but warms up enough to hug your leg and allow you to pet his head.

Kennel trained: In progress

Potty Trained: In progress

Good with kids: No, no sudden movements and being touched when he can’t see you

Good with dogs: Yes, preferably calmer or older.

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Ano needs a home with someone firm, preferable male, and someone who can respect his time and boundaries. It has taken some time for him to adjust to the family, but took more of a liking to a male.


Hound - Terrier | 7½ year old | Size: 45 lbs
Temperament: Sweet, Timid, Mellow & Playful (outside)

Behavior: Maddy is shy upon meeting new people, she will need patience from new adopters as she gets to know them. She is VERY docile and never grumpy with her foster family. Maddy loves walks and times outdoors. She walks well on the leash and enjoys 3 walks a day. Maddy is not shy when meeting new dogs and is social and playful at the dog park. Maddy is treat motivated and also responds well to reassurance from her people. Never aggressive.

Kennel trained: Yes, Maddy can use a kennel. Although, it is not necessary as she is non-destructive left out in the home.

Potty Trained:Yes, Maddy uses the yard to potty and can be trusted overnight.

Good with kids: Yes, Maddy does well with kids. We ask for older kids (12+) only due to the fact that they will be able to give her more patience in her adjustment to a new home.

Good with dogs: Absolutely! She loves her foster siblings and plays great at the dog park. If a dog is overbearing, she respectfully corrects them (like a momma dog).

Good with cats: Unknown, none in foster home.

Ideal home: Maddy would love a home with a fenced yard to sun bathe and play. She would do best in a home with another dog, as that is how she feels most at home. She is low maintenance and playtime in the yard and short walks make her a happy girl!


Pit Bull |1 year old | Size: 35 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Energetic & Stubborn

Behavior: Izzy loves to play. She enjoys falling asleep to relaxation music. She knows to only chew on her toys. She is high energy needs proper exercise, hikes and beach outings. Izzy needs professional training. A part of her adoption will be that a family is able to sign her up with a professional trainer. She was not properly corrected as a baby and she uses her mouth to play, which can lead to a lot of cuts and scratches. She has nipped people, never to cause serious injury, but she a rough and tumble.

Kennel trained: Yes, sleeps through the night in her kennel.

Potty Trained:Yes, needs to be taken outside often.

Good with kids: No kids! Izzy is a sweet girl, but due to her desire to say hello "with her mouth" and jump up at people: she needs an all adult home.

Good with dogs: She does enjoy playing with dogs, but prefers people. Recommended as an only dog due to food aggression towards other dogs (not people). When no food is involved, Izzy does enjoy the company of other dogs. She does not always get social cues and can be too "in your face" with other dogs. Training will help her behavior.

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Izzy would love to find a home with a big yard to play in. An active family that can take her hiking and to the beach. She would do best in a home with no other dogs. Izzy will require professional training to work on her food aggression, jumping and mouthing.


Catahoula mix | 1 year old | Size: 40 lbs
Temperament: Svery smart, loving, playful, can be shy and insecure

Behavior: Charlie is insecure and needs to warm up with new people. He may bark when unsure and people approach too fast. He needs someone that will go at his pace, and give him the time and love to settle into his new space.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: older kids or low energy kids

Good with dogs: Yes, he would love a sibling. Very gentle with smaller dogs.

Good with cats: No

Ideal home: Charlie needs someone to revolve his world around. We want someone for Charlie who needs him, just as much as he needs you. He has proven to be a companion not just a pet, or yard dog.


Labrador-Terrier Mix | 11 months old | Size: 36 lbs
Temperament: Loyal, Fun, and, Energetic.

Behavior: Laulau loves life! She is always up for adventures, loves to play, and adores her people. She is mouthy when excited.

Kennel trained: Yes, but prefers to be with her people.

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Older kids recommended.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unkown, most likely yes.

Medical: lost one eye, no medical care needed. Adjust nicely. Ideal home: Laulau would do best in an adult household. She would love someone who is home often and has time to take her on adventures. Laulau is mouthy when excited and playing, she needs a home with a dog knowledgeable owner who will continue to work with her.

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Pending Application Review | Not accepting new applications. Our team is reviewing the applications received.

Pending Meet & Greet | Not accepting new applications. A meet and greet has been set up and there are back up on file.

Pending Adoption Trial | Not accepting new applications. Animal is in a home doing a foster to adopt trial. This requires special approval.

Adoption Profile Removed | Profiles are removed when an animal is adopted, or has care needed before being made “ready” for adoption once more.