We are looking for our forever home ...


During this time, the number of animals we have available for adoption is lower than usual. We continue to provide care for 50-80 dogs at a time. Many of these dogs do have adopters lined up to take them home once they are ready for adoption. As new dogs become available, we will be posting them below. Please scroll through the photos to read each dog’s description and ideal home scenario.

If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, please just follow up with a message via facebook or email us at



Beagle Terrier Mix | 15 months old
Temperament: Relaxed & sweet with family. Shy with strangers.

Behavior: Well behaved. Unsure & apprehensive toward strangers. Needs socializing with new people. She loves adventuring with her foster.

Kennel trained: Yes, but foster does not use a kennel.

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, after meeting them for a bit. She is tentative with all new people.

Good with dogs: Definitely. Will correct other dogs antagonizing or humping her.

Good with cats: Unknown

Ideal home: All adults or calm older children. Easy going environment. A family or individual with patience and understanding.


American Staffordshire | 4 years old | 70 lbs
Temperament: Mellow & relaxed, other times rambunctious. Always affectionate.

Behavior: Depends on situation, surrounding, and other animals. Goes with the flow.

Kennel trained: Spends a lot of time playing outdoors, was fully potty trained as a pup. May need refresher.

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, no aggressive signs but does play bite

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Ideal home: Stoney would love a home with a yard to play. He has no current experience with dogs, cats or kids and an all adult home would be ideal. Although we feel he would adjust with patience and time into most situations.


Doberman | 8 years old | Size: Large
Temperament: Loving, sweet, timid.

Behavior: She is timid at first, once Dobie warms she will run up to you and loves to be pet! Frightened by loud noises in a new environment and men at first. She will adjust to noises and people with time. Dobie Girl is energetic, loves to play with toys and go on long walks.

Kennel trained: Not applicable.

Potty Trained: Spends most of her time outdoors, but has lived solely indoors prior.

Good with kids: Has lived with kids and will learn to adjust and do well. Just needs the and respectful handling from children.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: No cats, small animals or birds.

Ideal home: Someone who is patient, willing to take it slow and give her a chance to warm up. It will be a couple week and you’ll se good improvements. After a few months, you’ll really gain her trust. No birds, chickens, cats, small animals, or small children. Older, well-behaved children who are properly introduced, supervised, and given instruction on appropriate behavior around animals should be okay but they would need to move slowly around her and allow her ample time to warm up to them. She is not aggressive. These recommendations are for her comfort.


Hound-Shar Pei Mix | 8 months old | 35 lbs
Temperament: Playful, loving, outgoing

Behavior: Excitable but calms quickly. Likes to explore. Still in the puppy stage

Kennel trained: In progress, does not enjoy being in the kennel.

Potty Trained: In progress

Good with kids: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes