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At this time, the number of animals we have available for adoption is lower than usual. As dogs are posted, they are being adopted very quickly. We continue to care for 90 rescue dogs at this time. Due to high interests, many of these dogs have adopters lined up. As new dogs become available, we will post them below. If you’ve previously filled out the adoption form and are interested in a dog below, please just follow up with a message via facebook or email us at

Please read each animals FULL DETAILS to applying. SCROLL on the dogs photos for their bio!



Cattle Dog Mix | 1.5 years old | Size: 51 lbs
Temperament: Loyal, smart, very friendly and loving with her trusted human(s).

Behavior: Mahina is pretty calm throughout the day and will follow her human around, nap, and watch the world outside. She is very comfortable being outside but also loves curling up on the doggie bed inside! She prefers having company and wants to know her human is around or nearby. With new people she can be cautious at first, but warms up. Mahina is eager to please.

Kennel trained: No, does not prefer a kennel.

Potty Trained: Does not need one.

Good with kids:. None in foster. Mahina is very sweet with all, but might prefer a home with older kids or just adult

Good with dogs: Yes, if introduced properly

Good with cats: No and other small animals

Ideal home: Mahina is looking for a family willing to be patient with her while she adjusts. She might be anxious the first few days, but time and love will help her feel safe in her new place. Mahina would love to be with someone who works from home, she loves the companionship of people. A yard she can run around in is preferred. She is still a young dog and has a occasional bursts of energy around dinnertime. She will bark and want to engage with others to play. Mahina is affectionate and will prompt you for belly rubs. She needs someone who will show affection with pets and snuggles.


Hound - Chinese Crested mix | 4 years old | 34 lbs
Temperament: Loyal, Goofy, Protective & Sweet

Behavior: Tux becomes very attached to his caregiver. He forms a strong bond with one person in particular and will consider himself their guardian.

Kennel trained: Does not prefer

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Older kids ONLY

Good with dogs: Would like to be the only dog in the home.

Good with cats: Unsure.

Ideal home: Tuxedo would love to find a forever home where he has a special human he can care for. He will be your loyal, loving and protective companion. Tux would like to be the only dog in the home. having lived most of his life as a homeless dog, he is used to eating human food and prefers home cooked meal. Will decline offered kibble. Tuxedo is insecure with new people, he needs time to warm up and a patient home, who can wait until he is ready to for you. If not - he might snap in fearful manner.


Hound Mix | 4 years old | Size: 45 lbs
Temperament: Sweet, Playful & Loving. Pulls on your heartstrings with her “precious moments” eyes! I’ve been calling her Honey Girl because she is sweet like honey yet reminds me of the Honey Badger— kind of bad ass in regards to how well and quickly she has recovered, sleeps on hard surfaces doesn’t care much for soft n fluffy things, other dogs don’t scare her etc.

Behavior: Great on a leash! Great runner! She will run off leash next to you at a park. Needs a yard or 30 minute morning and night exercise minimum.

Kennel trained: She will go in the kennel for a nap if you put a treat inside.

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids:. Yes. Lia hasn’t lived with children, but she loves all people. May recommend kids 12 and up.

Good with dogs: Depends on the other dogs. Lia is outgoing and plays off of other dog’s reactions.

Good with cats: Unknown

Ideal home: Lia would love a loving home with a yard. Without a yard she would need to go walking or running daily! She enjoys playing fetch! She is a fun, loving and kind dog. She will make the best companion.


Terrier Mix | 7.5 years old | Size: 18 lbs
Temperament: Calm, Loving & Sweet

Behavior: Her age does not spot her, Holly can be still playful at times.

Kennel trained: Yes, but does not need a kennel

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids:. Wonderful with kids, offers lots of kisses, will run and chase playfully, and loves when kids pet and scratch her belly.

Good with dogs: She is friendly with dogs but will try to non aggressively dominate new furry mates. Responds well to correction.

Good with cats: She will not chase or provoke cats, but does her best to stay away.

Ideal home: Holly is looking for a loving companion. She is so well behaved, and would prefer someone she can spend her day with. She’s ready for a relaxed family who can let her outside often, play and walk her. She has spurts of energy and spurts of laziness, she’s overall low maintenance. Holly loves to be snuggled and spoiled. Her house manners are improving, but you have to be consistent with your rules from the beginning and praise often.


Labrador Pit Bull Mix | 7 months old | Size: 30 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Energetic & Active

Behavior: Aimee is a very happy and loving puppy. She adores other people and greets anybody with a big smile. Like any other puppy, she needs a family who is patient with her and has the time to train her.

Kennel trained:No, does not prefer a kennel.

Potty Trained: Not fully, needs to be let out regularly.

Good with kids:. Yes

Good with dogs: : Likes to play with larger dogs. Aimee can be overwhelming to smaller dogs as she doesn’t know her size.

Good with cats: Will chase cats

Ideal home: Aimee needs a home that is willing to put the time in to working with her. She needs clear, calm and consistent boundaries and routines. She would do best with a yard and easy access for potty training. A home that has someone who is around more often than not would be best.


Hound Mix | 11 months old | Size: 49 lbs
Temperament: Energetic, Loving & Playful

Behavior: Can be timid at first, but warms up quickly.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: Yes, Kids 12 and up recommended.

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unkown

Ideal situation Dash is looking for an active family and patient environment. people that love to play and explore, and have a sense of calm and udnerstanding. He is nervous with new people and environments and needs time to adjust. He will be a loving and loyal companion once he gets acquainted.


Australian Shepherd | 6 years old | Size: Large
Temperament: Friendly with adults, loves to be with his people, but is also okay doing his own thing.

Behavior: Kea loves to go on walks, play, and lounge around.

Kennel trained: Yes

Potty Trained: Yes

Good with kids: No

Good with dogs: No

Good with cats: No

Ideal situation An all adult home with an experienced dog owner. Kea needs to be the only animal in the home with no children. He is very loving and the perfect house dog.


Pit Bull | 6 months old | Size: 35 lbs
Temperament: Loving, Energetic & Active

Behavior: Izzy loves to play. She enjoys falling asleep to relaxation music. She knows to only chew on her toys. She is high energy needs proper exercise, hikes and beach outings. Izzy need professional training. She will not be able to be trained in home. A part of her adoption will be that a family is able to sign her up with a professional trainer. She we not properly corrected as a baby and she uses her mouth to play, which can lead to a lot of cuts and scratches.

Kennel trained: Yes, sleeps through the night in her kennel.

Potty Trained: In progress, needs to be taken outside often.

Good with kids: Izzy is a sweet girl, but due to her desire to say hello "with her mouth" and jump up at people: we would prefer an all adult home.

Good with dogs: She does enjoy playing with dogs, but prefers people. Recommended as an only dog due to food aggression towards other dogs (not people). When no food is involved, Izzy does enjoy the company of other dogs. She does not always get social cues and can be too "in your face" with other dogs.

Good with cats: Unknown


Ideal home: Izzy would love to find a home with a big yard to play in. An active family that can take her hiking and tot he beach. She would do best in a home with no other dogs. Izzy will require professional training to work on her food aggression, jumping and mouthing.